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a COVID-19 vaccine could be approved and sent out before it’s fully tested?

Is it possible that a COVID-19 vaccine could be approved and sent out before it’s fully tested?

Since there are multiple vaccines in trials, what happens if you get a vaccine, but a more effective one comes out later? Can you get more than one Covid-19 vaccine?

 1. We have no idea. No vaccine exists that has completed human trials and safety profiles, as of this writing.

Best guess is that most people are “safe” to receive multiple vaccines if they choose to, assuming they’re medically eligible for each (no allergy to ingredients, no significant prior vaccine reactions, not pregnant or nursing, over 12 years old [or thereabouts], no preexisting condition that may interfere, et al.). Whether it’ll be necessary isn’t known either, though. Different formulas will have different safety profiles and likely different efficacy. Risk of side effects because of compounding ingredients may exist, but many of those will likely be known already.

There’s typically no danger to being vaccinated “extra,” other than a compounded risk of mild side effects, particularly if multiple vaccines are given within a short period of time. It may be gratuitous, though, depending on each vaccine’s efficacy and durable immunity.

We’ll know a lot more once there are viable candidates with published safety and efficacy data.

2. They're already saying that the first gen vaccine will only be about 50% effective. Even the WHO says that yur vaccine will only be between 50% to 70% effective. I don't know what exactly theyeant by that. This is what the media reports are stating and even the experts on TV.

But having said thr above, rest assured, that they have testing protocols in place which they will abide by, during human trials, and then read the results that follow. Unless, its approved as safe and effective with the required efficacy, I don't think they will use it to vaccinate the general population.

Only a few days ago the CEO of Serum Institute mentioned that they are well on track to unveil the vaccine for early next year use. Which means, the vaccine is showing signs of “ticking every box” in the testing protocols.

So don't worry, no one will vaccinate anyone with a substandard vaccine that will end up giving them problems. I feel, there's nothing called a substandard vaccine. It's either there for all to use, or not there at all.

3. 1st you will want to see a clinical trial between different vaccines to evaluate which one is the most effective. Then you will want to wait 7 -10 yrs for long term side effects to be determined. Then with luck, the virus will have ended its life cycle and there will no longer be a need for a vaccine.

There has been studies into taking multiple vaccines and this tends to make you more vulnerable to infections.

We are also lucky to have some great treatments like Ivermectin.

4. We will surely have several vaccines in play during the next few months (years). The russian Sputnik V is already on phase III with probably data being released in November from about 5000 to 10000 participants.

China will do the same, as they claim to have 13 vaccines with 4 of them already undergoing phase III trials.

The US and Europe are in the same path.

In the end it will all be determined by safety and efficiency and as in everything only the strongest will prevail.

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